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Hollywood Bananas 

Bad fruits with a superstar attitude

Hollywood Bananas is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs spending their time on the Ethereum blockchain. Each character has it's own personality and it's characterised by 3 personal traits ( Brains, Wealth and Notoriety ). Each NFT in this collection is similar to a trading card, collect as many as you can and start trading them. (P.S. some of them are more rare than others)

Each Banana is unique and programmatically generated, owning one costs 0.032 ETH. Same price for everyone.

Purchasing a banana unlocks unique offers that can be used on our website. 


Hollywood Bananas is giving back to investors:


+Once every 3 months we will give back 5%of our profits for the last 90 days to one lucky H.B. NFT owner. Conditions to participate : Post your NFT on social media,follow and tag us in your post (instagram @hollywoodbananas , twitter @hollywoodbnns ), do not delete the post during this period. The post with the most likes on Dec 5 2022 00:00 (GMT-4) wins. 


+Once every 3 months we will give back an additional 5% of our profits for the last 90 days to the top trader (person who bought the most H.B. NFTs)


Start/End dates : Sep 4 2022-Dec 5 2022. Winners will be announced on Dec 6 2022.